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A Legacy of Compassionate Care

At GPW, we're more than just a clinic; we're a sanctuary for healing and growth. Founded with a vision to transform mental health care, we bring together a blend of warmth, expertise, and innovative treatments to support each individual's unique journey. Our team, led by experienced professionals, is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where every patient is heard, understood, and empowered. With a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our service, we're not just treating symptoms; we're nurturing holistic well-being. Join us in redefining mental health care, one patient at a time.


Transforming Lives, One Mind at a Time


Your mental well-being is our priority.

Start your personalized care journey with us today and feel the difference

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Celebrating Excellence

Our Gold Diamond Award 2024 Triumph!

We're thrilled to announce that GPW has been honored with the prestigious Gold Diamond Award 2024 for Best Psychologist/Psychiatrist. This award, presented by Midtown Magazine, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to mental health excellence. It underscores the dedication, expertise, and compassionate care we bring to each patient. This accolade not only honors our past achievements but also inspires our continued efforts to provide outstanding psychiatric care. We share this honor with all our patients and supporters who have been part of our journey.

Our Spectrum of Care
Tailored Services for Holistic Well-being

Doctor's Clinic

Innovative Ketamine Treatment

Breakthrough therapy for treatment-resistant depression, bringing new hope to those in need.

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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Intensive Outpatient

A comprehensive program designed to fight addiction and foster recovery in a supportive environment.


TMS Therapy

Non-invasive, drug-free treatment for depression, utilizing the latest in medical technology.

Doctor Checking a Form

Personalized Medication Management

A comprehensive program designed to fight addiction and foster recovery in a supportive environment.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluation

Essential psychiatric evaluations to support physical and mental readiness for bariatric surgery.

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Hormone Replacement Evaluation

Specialized psychiatric assessments for those considering hormone replacement therapy.

What People Say

Sam Y.

This is a wonderful facility, I've battles with my mental health for years due to trauma and have lived in the northeast most of my life. Since moving down hear and starting care with this team I have to say it's easily some of the best healthcare I've ever received.



My experience with this practice has been great! The IOP is awesome, the nurses, Izzy in particular, are amazing. Dr. Gupta has been great. They are super responsive and supportive, kind, encouraging, and quick to adjust clinical plan as needed.


Marty P.

I absolutely love this practice. It is such a refreshing diversion from a typical doctor’s office. The staff is kind and engaging. The whole office is decorated with charming current design trends, along with inspirational quotes/signs scattered throughout. I feel so connected to Dr. Gupta and Kady. They are so easy to talk to. So glad I found this practice!



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We're passionate about helping people understand what it means to live with mental health challenges—and how to find help if you need it! 

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