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North Raleigh

A healthier body, mind & spirit

Our goal is to deliver quality care that you can trust. It’s very important to all of our providers that they build a trusting and respectful relationship, as it’s the foundation for successful treatment and recovery. We individualize all treatment plans to the unique needs of our patients. We are firm believers that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Our providers will work with you in all aspects of being healthy. We strive to make all patients feel like they are a part of our family and know that they are not alone during this journey.


Gupta Psychiatry uses a holistic approach to patient care.

We emphasize to patients that a healthy body equals a health mind. Our providers encourage patients to live a healthly life style with a balance diet, daily exercise, vitamins, and mind relaxation techniques.

Our practice offers top of the line supplements by ProThera®, Inc.

Our beautiful offices are calm and cozy, so you will feel just as comfortable here as you would at home.

Take a video tour of our North Raleigh location

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