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Dr. Martin, MD

Dr. Martin brings to the table an illustrious career in medicine, spanning over twenty-five years, marked by her extensive proficiency in both primary care and psychiatry. She presently holds the esteemed position of Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Broughton State Hospital, focusing on the meticulous care of individuals afflicted with severe and enduring mental conditions.


Originating from California, Dr. Martin is a first-generation American, blending professional acumen with a rich cultural background. She is a devoted family woman, embodying roles as the supportive wife, veteran, a nurturing mother, and a cherished grandmother. The precious, joy-filled moments she shares with her grandchildren constitute one of her most valued pastimes.


In addition to her familial commitments, Dr. Martin nurtures a deep love for serene beach landscapes and the culinary art of baking. Her pursuits also include the meticulous search for shark teeth, reflecting her diverse range of interests. She is an aficionado of canine companionship and has a penchant for solving puzzles.


A strong proponent of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Dr. Martin maintains an active and fitness-oriented routine. Her intellectual curiosity is sated by her regular consumption of one to two books weekly, ensuring a constant enrichment of her knowledge reservoir.


Dr. Martin’s professional journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to her field, the warm compassion she holds for her family, and her varied interests and hobbies, all enveloped in a framework of professionalism and sophisticated eloquence.

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